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why does the sun look like a ceiling light

i just realized the reflection from my window was showing and it actually is a ceiling light
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I just absolutely love cheese.

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Hedy Lemarr appeared in more than 35 films and was regularly described as the “most beautiful woman in Europe”. She was particularly well known for starring in Gustav Machatý’s Ecstasy, which featured close ups of her character during orgasm and completely naked. At the time, this was very unusual.

Slightly less well known are her mathematical talents. Along with George Antheil she developed a technique for spread spectrum communications and frequency hopping that is still in use for wireless communications.
Also she is super hot!
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Cut Food” is the brainchild of photographer Beth Galton and food stylist Charlotte Omnès. All liquids are suspended with gelatin, making the most mundane snacks into works of art.


Colosso dell’Appennino, 1580sculptor: Giambologna (1529-1608)Villa Demidoff Park, Tuscany, Italy
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